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Call for merchandise designs

A century ago, women donned pins and sashes to draw attention to the cause of women’s right to vote. More than just accessories, in a time before social media, women used their fashion to express their opinions and build support for the suffrage movement. What will we wear in 2019 and 2020 as we celebrate those who came before?

The Indiana Women’s Suffrage Centennial invites Hoosier designers, creatives and vendors to propose designs for t-shirts, tote bags and other items for a new online marketplace on the Indiana Women’s Suffrage Centennial website starting in Fall 2019. Our goal is to engage the creative community in this significant anniversary and to create opportunities for Hoosiers to express their excitement and celebration of the women’s suffrage centennial by purchasing items from Indiana entrepreneurs and designers. 

Selected designs will be featured in the online shop; we do not plan to maintain an inventory but rather link back to the designer or vendor’s online shop/order information. Designers retain copyright of their designs and are welcome to sell items online and in shops around Indiana. 


  • Reflect, directly or indirectly, the branding guidelines provided by the Indiana Women’s Suffrage Centennial. Branding guidelines can be downloaded from the Resources section of the IWSC website. We welcome creative interpretations of these guidelines. 
  • Connect all three of the following ideas: Indiana, women and suffrage/voting. For inspiration, read the essay and timeline provided on the History section of the ISWC website. 
  • For larger items (t-shirts, totebags, etc.), incorporate the mark (and where possible, the full logo) of the Indiana Women’s Suffrage Centennial in some way, even if subtle. 
  • Not endorse a particular political party, candidate or platform.


The Indiana Women’s Suffrage Centennial, catalyzed by Indiana Humanities, the Indianapolis Propylaeum, the Indiana Historical Society and the Indiana Historical Bureau, working with many grassroots and local partners, marks the anniversary of the 19th Amendment. We invite Hoosiers to honor the ideas and ideals that fueled the suffrage movement in Indiana, and the people who led the way; to engage in a conversation about inclusion, equity, perseverance and power; to consider what remains to be done to ensure that our democracy truly includes everyone; and to identify and act on the lessons of the women’s suffrage movement. 


Proposals are due August 1, 2019. To propose a design, fill out the online form (link below) and upload your proposed design (or link to an online portfolio). The application also asks designers/vendors to provide a short statement about their interest in being part of the Indiana Women’s Suffrage Centennial. Designers should also demonstrate ability to produce items and provide an estimate of what the item will sell for. Designers can submit more than one design or adapt their proposed design across different kinds of items, provided they can demonstrate their ability to produce and sell designs, if selected for the online marketplace. Selected designers will be notified by the end of August. 

Application link: