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The Policy Circle’s Indiana State Leadership Council Honors Women’s Suffrage


“Women’s Suffrage in Indiana” Policy Brief Released & Suffrage Artwork Unveiled at Centennial Event

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INDIANAPOLIS (Jan. 24, 2020)— The Policy Circle launched a new policy brief Women’s Suffrage in Indiana​ at an event hosted by the group’s Indiana State Leadership Council (SLC) on January 22. More th​an 100 ​women and men gathered at the Indiana Historical Society to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the ratification of the 19th amendment in Indiana on January 16. The brief was written in collaboration with Indiana Humanities. Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch attended and delivered remarks about the Indiana Women’s Suffrage Centennial Commission.

The Policy Circle is a civic leadership organization founded in 2015 to connect women in discussion circles where they learn about public policy and get involved.

“The Policy Circle’s mission is to bring women together to learn facts, discuss issues and start a conversation. Just like the suffragettes did for decades leading up to the passage of the 19th amendment, policy circle members are learning about issues and ways to activate,” Angela Braly, co-founder of The Policy Circle said. “We hope readers of this brief will learn some of the history about the suffrage movement in Indiana, the tireless work and sacrifices of the suffragettes as they strived for equality in our democracy.”

Guests enjoyed an exhibit at the historical society titled, ​Be Heard: Women’s Voices in Indiana​, which is on display through April 4, followed by The Policy Circle’s cornerstone roundtable discussion where participants dove deeper into the women’s suffrage movement (in Indiana and nationally) which laid the foundation for women’s participation in politics and policy in the present. The evening concluded with the unveiling of artwork commemorating women’s suffrage in Indiana by Walter & Kelle Knabe titled “Votes for Women Indiana​” ​and commissioned by The Braly Family Foundation.

“The Indiana State Leadership Council is proud to host this event honoring the Hoosier women who played a role in the national and state suffrage movement,” SLC co-chair Katie Glick said. “This was an opportunity to look back on the goals, strategies and tactics that suffragists used in the nearly seventy years it took to achieve the right to vote, which provides a model of organization and persistence that speak to us a century later.”

More about the Artwork

“Votes for Women Indiana,” is a visual narrative of the long struggle of many women to further women’s rights and pass the 19t​ h​ Amendment giving women the right to vote. This story is told showing the key women instrumental in this effort, some key places within Indiana where activity took place and the local and national initiatives that became realized. The painting is imbued with the women’s suffrage colors of yellow, white and purple. The artwork celebrates the positive energies of the women involved and their victories which continue to this day.

Visit, ​​, to learn more about the efforts and events to celebrate the Indiana Suffrage Centennial.


About The Policy Circle

Founded in 2015, ​The Policy Circle​ provides a fact-based, nonpartisan framework that inspires women living in the same community to connect, learn about and discuss public policies that impact creativity.

The Policy Circle’s vision is that women across the Nation are connected and engaged in their communities, openly sharing their views and taking a leadership role in public policy dialogue on what human creativity can accomplish in a free market economy.The Policy Circle’s round table discussions empower women to become more vocal in public policy dialogue and civic engagement within their community, their state and their country.

In just four years, The Policy Circle has grown to more than 3,500 members who participate in more than 300 Circles in 40 states and on three continents. Based on organic networks of women, it is one of the fastest growing national organizations empowering women to gain the knowledge and confidence to become policy leaders.